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I am a professor of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), the school of Engineering of Lisbon University.

I am presently the President of IST and member of its executive board.

I am also a researcher at INESC-ID, a research institute in the areas of Information and Communication Technologies, that is an associated laboratory.

I am a member of the KDBIO group of INESC-ID.

I got a PhD from UC Berkeley in 1994, after a BSc from IST, in 1986.

My major areas of interest are Algorithms and Complexity, Machine Learning and Computational Biology.

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Contact points

You can email me at aml@inesc-id.pt, send me snail mail to: Arlindo Oliveira, INESC-ID, R. Alves Redol 9, 1000 LISBOA, PORTUGAL call me at 351-21-8417332 (IST), or fax me at 351-21-3145843.