Nuno D. Mendes
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my photo   KDBIO group
Rua Alves Redol 9
P-1000-029 Lisboa, Portugal
  Forest Biotech Lab
Instituto de Biologia Experimental e Tecnológica
Av. República, Qta. do Marquês (EAN)
P-2780-157 Oeiras, Portugal


Research Interests Development of pipelines for the identification of miRNAs and their targets, based on genome sequence analysis and RNA-seq data.
Development of web-based tools to access repositories of biological data. Design and implementation of ontologies to meaningfully represent biological concepts, experimental assays and other meta-data.
Qualitative modelling of gene regulatory networks and exploration of the corresponding dynamics.

Teaching 2014: Genome Sequence Analysis at PhD Program in Molecular Biosciences, ITQB/UNL, Oeiras, Portugal
2011/2012 (Spring semester): Authoring and Information Retrieval at ISEGI-UNL
2006: Introduction to Programming using Python at PhD Program in Computational Biology, IGC, Oeiras, Portugal
2004/2005 (Spring semester): Compilers at IST/UTL, Lisbon, Portugal
2004/2005 (Fall semester): Object-Oriented Programming at IST/UTL, Lisbon, Portugal

Short Curriculum
Currently: Associate Researcher at the KDBIO group - INESC-ID Lisboa.
Postdoctoral Fellow at the Forest Biotech Lab - iBET
2012-2013: Postdoctoral Fellow at the Network Modelling group - Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência.
2010-2011: Postdoctoral fellow at the KDBIO group - INESC-ID Lisboa.
2006-2011: Dual PhD from Instituto Superior Técnico and Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1.
 Hosted by the BAOBAB Group at LBBE, France.
2005-2006: Student of the PhD Program in Computational Biology at Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência.
2005: MSc from Instituto Superior Técnico in Information Systems and Computer Engineering.
2003: BSc from Instituto Superior Técnico in Information Systems and Computer Engineering.


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