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Hello stranger, and welcome to my homepage!

I am a senior researcher and executive coordinator of the
KDBIO group at INESC-ID Lisboa, IST / UTL

I am also an invited researcher of the
ECOS group at CISUC, UC

My main research interests are Genetic Programming,
Biomedical Informatics and Forest Sciences

     arrow   Recent publications here (includes finished dissertations by students), older ones here

     arrow   Recent Best Paper Awards: EuroGP-2009, EuroGP-2010, EvoIASP-2010, EuroGP-2013

     arrow   Programme Chair of EvoRISK-2013, EuroGP-2012, EvoRISK-2012, EuroGP-2011;
               Track Chair of EPIA-2013 (ALEA), IBERAMIA-2012 (Bio-Inspired Computing),
               EPIA-2011 (ALEA); Publication Chair of EuroGP-2010; Member of the local
               organizing committee of RECOMB-2010, EuroGP-2004

     arrow   Member of the Editorial Board of Genetic Programming and Evolvable Machines;
               Member of the Programme Committe of GECCO 2005-07-08-09-10-11-12-13,
               CEC 2013, EuroGP 2009-10-11-12-13, EvoBIO 2012-13, EvoRISK 2012-13, EvoIASP 2013,
               ALEA 2009-11-13, SOCO 2010-11-12-13, IBERAMIA 2012, EVOLVE 2013, WSC 15-16-17;
               Reviewer for ASOC, EVCO, GPEM, HERA, IEEE TEVC, IEEE TGARS, NCA, PLoS ONE,
               PAI, Recent Patents on Computer Science, Soft Comput, Water Resour Res

     arrow   Principal Investigator of project EnviGP; Team member of projects MassGP, InteleGen,
               PneumoSys, HIVcontrol; Past international projects STORMS, EURIS

     arrow   GPLAB - A Genetic Programming Toolbox for MATLAB

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