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GPLAB - A Genetic Programming Toolbox for MATLAB

05/24/2007 - 16:30
05/24/2007 - 17:30

Genetic Programming (GP) is the automated learning of computer programs. Basically a search process, it is capable of solving complex problems by evolving populations of computer programs, using Darwinian evolution and Mendelian genetics as inspiration. GPLAB is a Genetic Programming toolbox for MATLAB. Besides most of the traditional functionalities used in GP, it also implements two additional features: (1) a method for automatically adapting the genetic operator probabilities in runtime, allowing the use of the toolbox as a test bench for new genetic operators; (2) several of the best state-of-the-art techniques for controlling the well known bloat problem, including some that result in automatic resizing of the population in runtime to save computational resources. Combining a highly modular and adaptable structure with the concern for automatic setting of most parameters, GPLAB suits all kinds of users, from the layman who wants to use it as a "black box", to the advanced researcher who intends to build and test new functionalities. The toolbox and its documentation are freely available for download at The latest version ensures minimal compatibility with Octave.