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SeminarUnderstanding the mechanisms of virulence and resistance lsr02 years 2 weeks ago
SeminarSemantics and Fitness Landscapes in Genetic Programming lsr02 years 4 weeks ago
SeminarEvolutionary reaction systems lsr02 years 4 weeks ago
SeminarModelos e Métodos para Alinhamento de Transcritoma lsr02 years 4 weeks ago
SeminarBiclustering-based Classification: a case study with Hypnograms lsr02 years 4 weeks ago
SeminarSucint structures to self-indexing text lsr02 years 18 weeks ago
SeminarIntegrated Neurocomputational and Empirical Studies of Learning and Cognition lsr02 years 31 weeks ago
SeminarTranslational research on genomics and proteomics: experience of the SING group lsr02 years 35 weeks ago
SeminarPrediction of Escherichia coli single gene deletion mutants by projection to latent pathways lsr02 years 36 weeks ago
SeminarDynamic neuroimaging using EEG-fMRI lsr02 years 42 weeks ago
SeminarHybrid Modeling for Systems Biology: Theory and Practice lsr03 years 3 weeks ago
SeminarComputational Analysis of Protein Coevolution and Interaction lsr03 years 3 weeks ago
SeminarSystems analysis and metabolic networks modeling lsr03 years 3 weeks ago
SeminarLearning Subcellular Location from Images and Other Sources of Information lsr03 years 3 weeks ago
SeminarOnline Bayesian Time-varying Parameter Estimation of HIV-1 data lsr03 years 3 weeks ago
SeminarTools and medical applications of an evolutionary cell biology sarasilva7203 years 8 weeks ago
SeminarG-Tries: an efficient data-structure for counting subgraphs sarasilva7203 years 9 weeks ago
SeminarAdvances in understanding the epidemiology of HIV over the past decade sarasilva7203 years 10 weeks ago
SeminarA Relational Data Mining perspective for Bioinformatics applications sarasilva7203 years 14 weeks ago
Seminar"CAMP - Computational Analysis of MicroRNAs in Plants" & "NetDyn: Understanding real large networks, from structure to dynamics" sarasilva7203 years 19 weeks ago
SeminarTowards a mathematical model of risk assessment of biocide induced antibiotic resistance sarasilva7203 years 30 weeks ago
SeminarResearch challenges from Free Software Distributions sarasilva7203 years 30 weeks ago
SeminarLocal identifiability of a HIV-1 infection model using a sensitivity approach sarasilva7203 years 31 weeks ago
SeminarStochastic Modeling of Stem Cell Induction Protocols sarasilva7203 years 33 weeks ago