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RECOMB 2010 Logo

RECOMB 2010 will be held in Lisbon, Portugal, at the FIL Meeting Centre, located in Parque das Nações, just by the riverside of the city. Conference participants will have ample opportunities to take in the beautiful surroundings.


Situated in the west coast of the country, where the Tagus river meets the Atlantic Ocean, Lisbon is the westernmost capital in mainland Europe. It is known as the white city, thanks to its unique luminosity. The light, the atmosphere and the climate offer marvelous walks all over the city. Lisbon is an extremely lively city, with a wealth of cultural events happening every day, and a vibrant nightlife. A huge selection of restaurants is available, featuring Portuguese and international cuisine. In April the weather is pleasant, mostly with sunny days and warm temperatures. The city's public transportation system is far-reaching and reliable, and has the Metro (subway) as its main backbone. Lisbon can be easily reached by daily direct flights from major international cities.