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RECOMB 2010 Logo

RECOMB is partnering with the Journal of Computational Biology; selections of accepted papers will be invited for submission of full journal versions to special issues. These papers will also appear in the proceedings.

Journal of Computational Biology publishes an annual Special Issue devoted to the RECOMB Conference. This has been an annual tradition started by Michael Waterman at the inaugural RECOMB Conference in 1997 and continued since then for thirteen years. The 14th JCB RECOMB Special Issue will be devoted to the RECOMB 2010 Conference in Lisbon, Portugal. The JCB Special Issue volume, with the Program Committee Chair as Guest Editor, is published several months after the conference to allow time for thorough refereeing. The Guest Editor selects referees for the RECOMB papers and obtains re-refereed final versions of the RECOMB papers to be included in the volume. Journal of Computational Biology publishes the Special Issue no later than one month after the Guest Editor accepts the final versions of the papers.